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For as long as I can remember, I have loved the oceans and its fascinating inhabitants. Born and brought up on the Swedish west coast, the constant smell of salt water contributed to the early curiosity and interest for what was hidden beneath the surface.
The underwater life became a natural and very important part of my life. Also the great variety of wildlife living on land have won my huge interest and fascination. To be in the wilderness and come close to the life living there simply makes me who I am.

Together with my father Armin and sister Nanna, we run Crystal Water Film Production, a film company that produces underwater films in collaboration mainly with SVT (Swedish National Television) and NRK (Norwegian National Television).
So far, we have produced 17 films for SVT, of which the latest production ”Life against all odds” is being released during 2016.

As an avid adventurer, I love to travel and have spent several years living on a smaller sailboat, in both tropical, warm waters, and in the cooler Nordic waters, filming and photographing.

My high-spirited passion for nature and the wilderness is mirrored in my many interests. When not out to sea, above or below the surface, I am happily hiking or skiing further into the mountains with a tent and supplies on my back or in the sledge. If not out running nor kayaking, I might be found on a SUP-board or, if wind conditions and location allows, trying to improve my kite surf skills...

As you understand, the list of interests easily gets very long, but the most important for me is to be out there, in nature :-)

Through my work I hope to inspire others to take a keen interest in our environment and its vulnerable inhabitants.  To show the beauty and immense variation in nature that is found around the world, on land and below the surface, is my life's work.

Films and still photography is a great way to spread knowledge and understanding of the incredible wild world that we are surrounded by. As much as I love to be out in the field with just my camera, I thrive on being out on expeditions with like-minded persons.

The best way to inspire each other and get pure joy out of an experience is to share it with someone :-)

Deep, vast oceans, mysterious forests or breathtaking hights, with this blog I want to share my immense passion for wonderful planet Earth, with the hope to inspirit life, raise awareness and inspire others.

Due to my lifestyle it happens every now and then, I am out of reach from modern communication during long periods. I still do my best answering messages and to keep my blog updated. Even though my respons might be delayed by quite a bit, I love to hear from you!



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  1. Thank you for inviting me to like your page. I LOVE your page. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your talent, and your joy of life.

  2. Thank you so much!! Makes me very very happy! :)